The difficult art of decluttering

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Minimal desk of dreams (Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash)

Do you ever hit those points in life where something has to change? I do, quite regularly, but I’m not always good at embracing new things and moving on.

Sometimes I get a bit stuck, which is one of several reasons I started this Happy Mums Club shizz. I want to create change, create happiness, and just, well, create in general. I am a creative! (Although my inner voice often tells me I am creating crap, but that’s a different post entirely).
I find it hard to be creative or live mindfully  when I am surrounded by mess and chaos. This is kind of ironic because, despite being a fairly messy and chaotic person, I am a sensible Virgo and actually like order and neatness. Somehow, as the years have rolled by, the girl for whom everything had a home became the woman who never puts things in the same place twice.
It drives me insane but for all my good intentions, I am making no headway. I am my own worst enemy.

It can take me ages to admit I no longer need or want certain items. I feel guilty (thanks Catholicism and motherhood) about the waste if I haven’t used something very much. I may get nostalgic about where an item came from or who gave it to me. I worry that I might need a certain object again in the future and have to buy it all over again (more waste!).
And then when I do resolve to get rid of my possessions, I just get a bit caught up in wanting to do the right thing with my unwanted goods. My eco guilt stops me from just binning my unwanted items, so instead I end up with piles things that are more ordered than they were, but still lack homes (the upstairs landing is not the place).
There’s paper to be recycled, filed or shredded. Clothes that aren’t good enough for a charity shop but can’t go to landfill, ones that could be sold on eBay, kids’ things that might be wanted by friends, some clothes to keep in case we have another baby, ones to take to the local kids’ secondhand shop, T’s old clothes for D to grow into… I think you probably get the gist.
The time has come for change!
As I have said in a previous post, ‘perfect’ is destructive. I can see through writing about my clutter battle, that I just need to get rid asap. If I can do some good with my stuff, then great but if I can’t or haven’t got the time to do it quickly, then it just needs to go. Sitting on clothes for six months, stressing because I am unable to eBay or Freecyle them, is not making me happy! It’s actually really weighing heavy on my mind and spoiling my enjoyment of the house.
Plus, there’s no point in waiting for the perfect moment to start something. Again, I’ve said this before but it’s not coming! In a ideal world, I would have long stretches of time without my kids in which I could blitz the house and turn it from a dumping ground to a minimalist’s dream. In reality, I need to make it work in short bursts. It’s going to take a while but I hope I can make some headway.
I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book but I know that one of the principles is only keeping objects if they spark joy. I have so many things that not only don’t spark joy, they actively make me feel bad. So I will be applying this to my decluttering. The William Morris quote, ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful‘ is also super usefulI will also be remembering how it is only when I see items that I want to keep them. All that stuff in boxes in the garage? I never think about it. I won’t miss it. I don’t need it.
On that note, I’m going to extend my decluttering theme across the blog and my social sites a bit longer. It’s key to my happiness right now so I want to work on it a little more. Hopefully me sharing more about it will help you too.
Do you have any tips for easy ways to let things go? Good simple ways to offload unwanted goods quickly? Maybe you host a clothes swap night or love a car boot? Feel free to comment and share this blog. Look out for my tips on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe we can become minimalists together!

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